We offer Deep Tissue Massages and Neuromuscular Massages

Massages are designed to help you heal as quickly as possible. They can be quite relaxing too!

Our massage therapists are highly educated, experienced and continue to receive even more training from our chiropractic physicians. These knowledgeable professionals are friendly, caring and are here to help you get back to a pain free, fulfilling life style!

Levi Eckert Massage Therapist

Levi Eckert – Massage Therapist

He has been serving Dr. Chapman’s patients for over 6 years now. Levi was born and raised in Berea, South Carolina and attended Berea High School as well as Greenville Technical College where he received his massage degree. Levi made the Dean’s list every semester while attending college and now he has a long list of patients who have been following him for many years and only want him exclusively. Levi married his wife, Heather in 2016 and they are hoping to start a family very soon. Levi employs more trigger point therapeutic techniques and mobilization to treat acute and chronic muscle conditions for both short term relief and long term effects.

Belem Gomez Front Desk Supervisor

Belem Gomez – Front Desk Supervisor

Belem was born in Oaxaca Mexico but has been in Greenville SC most of her lifetime. She was introduced to chiropractic at a very young age due to motor vehicle accidents. Chiropractic impacted her life so much that she knew from the start she wanted to be part of this movement.

Since then, her passion for chiropractic begins to grow. After graduating she began to work as a front Desk chiropractic assistant, moving her way up to front desk supervisor. Not only has she grown in her career, but she now has a baby boy who received his first adjustment before the age of 1. She is hoping to keep chiropractic as a tradition in her family.

Michel Alvarez Chiropractic Assistant

Michelle Alvarez – Chiropractic Assistant

Michelle was born in Miami, Florida and grew up in Colombia, Valle del Cauca, South America. She is a Bilingual Medical Interpreter, and Chiropractic Assistant. Michelle loves nature & animals and  practices yoga and meditation. An All-terrain type of girl.

Arely Castillo Chiropractic Assistant

Arely Castillo – Chiropractic Assistant

Arely was born and raised in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She moved to South Carolina in 2013, went to Hillcrest High School and studied accounting in Grenville Technical College. Some of her favorite’s things are hiking, kayaking, and going on road trips. She likes working at Carolina Spine and Health because she likes to help others.

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