Chiropractic Care

We provide comprehensive patient care based on the latest proven techniques. Carolina Spine and Health has invested in the education of our staff and advanced equipment to provide you with the best and most complete care possible.

Spinal and Postural Screenings

We are a part of a group called Doctors for Health and Wellness in which we donate at least 60 hours per year to education and treatment of the public at no charge.  We provide posture and spinal screenings as well as massage therapy at local events like health fairs, festivals and places of employment.  We especially love to take care of our teachers and civil servants.  Call us today to request to be on our schedule for this year at no cost to you or your organization!

Lifestyle Advice

You can receive all the treatment you like, but if you don’t alter the activities in your lifestyle that are creating the problems, your recovery will be limited.  It is crucial to ensure that your habits and ergonomics align with your treatment goals.  You cannot correct your issues in the office but undermine your progress with your daily activities and achieve the same desired end goal.

Nutritional Counseling

We provide nutrition counseling related to healthy foods and supplements that can help improve your body’s ability to heal and to thrive.  At Carolina Spine & Health, we carry Nutrametrix, a complete line of vitamins and supplements that are isotonic, meaning they are pressurized for optimal absorption into the blood stream.  The body can typically only absorb 55-60% of the contents of a pill, making this delivery system outdated and inefficient.  Isotonic delivery provides a 95% absorption rate meaning you are getting more for your money.  Our flagship product is OPC-3, an anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant that we recommend for joint pain.  You may check out our Isotonic line at

Corrective Exercises

Often, postural problems are due to imbalance in the musculature acquired due to trauma or years of repetitive activities.  To restore proper positioning, it is necessary to re-establish balance in all of our muscle groups.  We provide strengthening exercises and stretches to restore proper balance and positioning to each joint. We understand that every patient is an individual with specific needs and limitations.  We provide exercises programs tailored specifically for your needs and body type. The exercises are designed so that you can comfortably perform them in your home and with limited equipment.  Proper exercises can improve the effectiveness of your chiropractic treatment by 30-40%.


We routinely provide health assessments based upon:

  • Postural Analysis
  • Neurological Function
  • Spinal Balance and Range of Motion
  • Worksite/Ergonomics
  • X-rays

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