We offer Deep Tissue Massages and Neuromuscular Massages

Massages are designed to help you heal as quickly as possible. They can be quite relaxing too!

Our massage therapists are highly educated, experienced and continue to receive even more training from our chiropractic physicians. These knowledgeable professionals are friendly, caring and are here to help you get back to a pain free, fulfilling life style!

Ivy McEntire

Born in Spartanburg, SC but spent the majority of her formidable years in Jersey City, NJ. She moved back to the Carolinas in 2001. Ivy has worked in clinical, spa and private practice settings for ten years. She applies deep strokes combined with cross fiber friction technique to relieve adhesion, chronic and acute spasm. Ivy is certified in Medical Massage and continues to expand her skill set with constant education and growth.

Levi Eckert Clinical Massage Therapist in Greenville, SC

Levi Eckert

He has been serving Dr. Chapman’s patients for over 6 years now. Levi was born and raised in Berea, South Carolina and attended Berea High School as well as Greenville Technical College where he received his massage degree. Levi made the Dean’s list every semester while attending college and now he has a long list of patients who have been following him for many years and only want him exclusively. Levi married his wife, Heather in 2016 and they are hoping to start a family very soon. Levi employs more trigger point therapeutic techniques and mobilization to treat acute and chronic muscle conditions for both short term relief and long term effects.

Teresa Gumino Clinical Massage Therapist in Greenville, SC and Spartanburg SC

Teresa Gumino

She has been a resident of the Upstate for over 30 years now.  An Ohio native, Teresa came to the area to escape the harsh Ohio winters and fell in love.  She has been practicing the art of massage therapy since 2010.  Teresa is the only Ortho-bionomy practitioner in the state of SC where she employs positional relief techniques to restore muscle memory for permanent pain relief.  She is currently working on her license for Medical Massage Practitioner as well.

Massage Therapist Charisma Mallory

Charisma Mallory

She was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC. She graduated from SCC in 2012 and has been working in Clinical Massage for seven years. Charisma specializes in deep tissue and trigger point, massage. She has to precious little ones who inspire her always do her best everyday. She believes a helping hand is always effective. Her goal is to always help someone feel better and to be a part of life changing experiences